Title: Do You Need Pickling Salt?
Tags: salt
Blog Entry: what is pickling salt ? Pickling salt is the best salt to use in canning brine because the fine grains dissolve easily and result in a clear liquid that highlights the bright, green pickles inside the jar. Using table salt in your pickle brine will result in cloudy, murky liquid because the anticaking additives are not water soluble. Table salt won't affect the taste of the pickles, but the opaque liquid it produces isn’t visually appealing. It’s unlikely that someone will purchase your pickles if they can’t see what’s inside the jar. Pickling salt produces crystal clear brine that’s optimal for showing off your pickled cucumbers, dilly beans, and sauerkraut. It’s not recommended to substitute  other types of salts  for pickling salt, but it can be done in a pinch. In addition to containing additives, other salts have different grain sizes that make accurate measuring a challenge. One cup of fine-grain pickling salt will contain more salt by volume than one cup of a coarse-grain salt. For the best canning salt substitute, choose kosher salt or sea salt. These salts are more likely to be additive-free and can be used with a measurement conversion to make sure the correct amount of salt is added to the pickle brine .