Title: Socialization
Tags: Socialization modern_society
Blog Entry: Socialization is the process of learning how to behave in the society. It is learning the manners, characters, and habits that conform with the attitudes, values, and beliefs of the society (Barber, 2013). For instance, students, being late to school , don’t argue with their teacher, but apologize and wait to be allowed to come into the class. There are seven agents of socialization. They are the family, peer groups, school, online technology and mass media, religion, the workplace, and the state. My life has been socialized by the collective effects of these seven agents. The family is the basic unit of the society and the first school that the child attends. I learned talking, eating, dressing, and more importantly, what is right and wrong at the family level. The family taught me how to relate to each other and how to deal with expectations (Barber, 2013). Further, peers groups socialized me in terms of the art of friendship and peer contextual connectivity. It socialized me into listening and supporting one another. The school, on the other hand, socialized me into group coexistence and living with the diverse fellow students. I learned to be confident in myself. I also learned how to relate to each other in school as my social networking skills got natured there. Moreover, mass media and online communication introduced me to the technology component of life and the social interactions thereupon. I learned to connect through social media reaching out for information and updates through the technology and the media. Religion socialized me regarding the values and belief system that also form essential life component. This part of living helps one appreciate the supernatural (Aronfreed, 2013). I also got to understand the unwritten laws that translate into the cultural norms and values. Workplace contributed to the socialization into the work ethics, rules, and concept of work and pay. This is important because through it, I learned to relate to people based on protocols and procedures. It asserted some social order and class into my life prism (Aronfreed, 2013). Finally, the state as the agent of rules and laws has socialized me to understand what guides my relationship with the outside world by responsibilities and rights. In conclusion, these seven factors concertedly work together in enhancing socialization. Each has its areas that it addresses. They also concern areas that have already been addressed by other agents. This interdependence brings out a holistic effect. Most of the researchers seek to directly influence the social welfare of the people and public policy. Indeed, these agents have impacted my life a great deal. References Aronfreed, J. (2013). Conduct and conscience: The socialization of internalized control over behavior . Elsevier.   Barber, N. A. (2013). Investigating the potential influence of the internet as a new socialization agent in context with other traditional socialization agents. Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice , 21 (2), 179-194.