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Replica Jeans vs Original Jeans
Posted On 10/25/2021 22:48:10 by aaatradeplaza

"Original jeans" refers to Jeans produced by different brands of original factories. Some of the most famous and popular Jeans manufacturers are: Levi Strauss, Lee, Diesel, Wrangler, etc. All these brands have certain characteristics that distinguish them from each other. It may be innovations in denim, colors, manufacturing techniques, fit, and types of accessories used. Regardless of the differences, what all have in common is that they were originally produced by the brand of the label the... Read More

How to make jeans perfect?
Posted On 01/30/2018 23:38:29 by johnliang

Maybe you've already got a pair of fake Jeans for your store, but loose a few times after wearing it, or the fake Jeans you buy are too small or too long. If necessary, through some washing, seamless technology, maybe a tailor's journey, you can turn uncoped Jeans into your favorite Jeans if necessary. Wash the fake Jeans with cold water and then dry the Jeans with high temperature to keep the fit.

step 1 If they are too large, please wash the fake Jeans with cold water to shrink. Put... Read More

Do you know how to spot replica designer clothing?
Posted On 11/08/2017 01:28:27 by johnliang

A second giveaway is the stitching Look at sown on labels, especially on replica jeans, replica sunglasses and knock off jackets. If you can see the stitching through the other side without having to look very carefully, it is almost certainly a fake clothing. You may be able to see the stitching of the real item if you look very carefully, but it will be fine stitching and of a cotton that blends in very well with the main material. You won't for instance see thick w... Read More

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