I'm a Summoning Tank and in desperate need charms
Posted On 10/06/2021 01:15:24 by Weiweismart

My opinion is that it all boils down to how one perceives a skillcape. This is the same for the athletes who are awarded gold medals in the ParaOlympics. The RS gold athletes who are successful must have overcome physical disabilities in order to compete in ParaOlympics. To diminish the significance of the individual who won the gold medal wouldn't be fair because he was also faced with the task of overcoming other physically fit competitors to earn that medal.

I would be interested in hearing others' opinions on this question. Which one is the next?

I'm a Summoning Tank and in desperate need charms. They are difficult to acquire by myself and I don’t have friends willing to share theirs. So, I'm offering the possibility of paying (per charm). It would be great to see it happen in the Chaos Tunnels. They have many monsters and they are multicombat.

I'm currently on my journey to purchase an Magic Skillcape (untrimmed) and I'd like to know what outfit you would recommend. The ideal is a less than 2M outfit however, you are able to suggest any other and it will be added to my list of things to buy. There's no hood to wear, but it is a nice addition to the outfit. Guys, I want to thank you very for your support.

Feel free to offer quest item suggestions. Just not stuff like Mobilising Armies rewards:grindteeth: I really hate that Minigame. I have 80 Defence and 81 Attack. I also have 88 Strength, 70 Prayer and 77 Ranged to help with armour availability. I am currently P2P, and I will continue to remain so for as long time as I see.

I don’t want them to increase the level of skills above 120. This is pure speculation. Jagex stated that Dungeoneering is moved to 120 because it is too complicated to be accommodate into 99 levels. Also they have no plans to increase the limits on other abilities. Naturally, everyone is speculating on when the other skills will be elevated to 120. Although I was initially opposed to the idea, I quickly realized that many skills are becoming more readily available and may even be part of the reason for raising other skills to 120. Below, I will discuss the skills that may or might not be increased.

Smithing. Dragon Ore is the obvious option. Jagex has hinted that Dragon Ore may be released. They didn't answer the question straight but said that the protectors of Dragon Ore may not be pleased. It was likely to be a reference the Dragonkin. However, I'm off the topic. Dragon material is currently very scarce. What is the reason for cheap OSRS gold this? It isn't because it is weak. Currently I wear a rune and would like to wear full Dragon, even though I could wear Barrows.

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