The menus were similar to those you saw during
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Lumbridge came next. It's that simple. It was an RS gold unforgettable adventure where you didn't have any idea what was happening or what to do next. Everyone knew the town and was able to return when in doubt. Lumbridge was, to be honest, intimidating for new members.

The menus were similar to those you saw during the tutorial, but now there was chat rooms that had hundreds of players talking to each other. It was difficult to understand their Runescape language. You would be spending half an hour listening to what players were talking about. Lumbridge was where you first encountered the question "Where am I?" There was no one to hear because there would be numerous other players engaged in private conversations. After some time you would hear someone say "This is Lumbridge, Swans Sydney" then you'd ask them about Lumbridge, and then be shown around.

Remember those beginning steps where you were taken to the cattle farm, chicken coup and then Varrock? Yep, you sure do. There was always someone there to show you the way and guide you through the nuances of Runescape's Free To Play area. You would then be able to make them your first online friend and they would stay with you throughout the duration of your Runescape adventure.

Then, you must use the bronze shield (and sword) you were given to take on the goblins who traversed the bridge. After you had killed the first goblin, you took the dropped items and realised you had a whopping $3 more than you were before. You were amazed by the beauty of the landscape and wanted to discover everything.

When I first started, I was an teen, and I was keen to play Runescape as I thought it was amazing I could play a character and just explore the world, going wherever I wanted to go. I began by reading the island tutorial. It was only 12 GBP. You can.

I took my role of adventurer seriously and was prepared to take on the world with my bronze and wooden sword against anyone and everyone. Because I wanted to make full iron armor (mithril lol), my favorite skills back then was mining and metalsmithing. So where did you learn about running games and what were your recommendations? Sal's Realm of Runescape is the best! Through the years, much has changed in Runescape and cheap OSRS gold a lot of those changes were not good.

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