Here are the top 10 badges you can find in NBA 2K22 spread across shooting defense
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The points for spawning are deactivated in the same moment the quest for the side quest is finished NBA 2K MT. The players must travel a certain distance through the city to complete the quest. Setting the spawn point may be accomplished from the City map by choosing the desired location for spawning and then verifying it.


This Unlock Spawn Points side quest can be obtained through ATM, an NPC in the city, and requires participants to walk 26.2 miles. This must be done on foot, so using the BMX, skateboard, and rollerblades will not count towards the total distance completed. It is also necessary for the user to be running not walking. While tracking the quest, you'll see an indicator of progress on left edge of the display, making it easy for players to track the distance they've covered.


The total distance is measured over time and doesn't need to be completed at once. Be aware that running while in a place will not count, therefore continuous running will not work if there's obstacles in the path. Once the players have completed 26.2 miles and complete that quest the spawn points automatically be unlocked. A spawn point can be added to the map in one of 7 locations.


Setting the spawn location will alter the place where the character begins each when they return to the City. This is useful when there is a particular region of the City players are required to return to. When you complete the Unlock Spawn Points quest will also award players with 1,000 MVP points. The accumulation of these points will eventually allow players to unlock the penthouse via an MVP quest Buy MT 2K22. NBA 2K22 offers a variety of options and features in the City for the next generation of players.

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