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A group of annual sports titles are just $26 at Walmart as part of the retailer's Black Friday week sale, comprising FIFA 22, Madden NFL 22, as well as NBA 2K22. NHL 22 can be bought at the same price on Amazon mut coins. Discounts are available for PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch versions (if available) of each game and lasts until November 28.


FIFA 22 is, in our opinion, the highlight of the sale and scored an 8 in our review earlier this year. Yes, FIFA 22 doesn't change much as compared to FIFA 22, and we don't like the microtransactions included in Ultimate Team mode, but the footy is fun, matches are well-paced, and player animations look amazing through EA's HyperMotion tech.


In the case of Madden NFL 22 the game, we gave it a 7 in our review and declared it "a new high point for the series," because of improved and more varied AI teams, brand new features like Gameday Atmosphere and Gameday Momentum, and an overhauled Franchise mode that makes game's downtime more interesting as opposed to last year's.


We didn't go over NBA 2K22 or NHL 22, but both games racked good reviews from the critics this year. NBA 2K22 has a Metacritic score of 78, and the overall response to the game's gameplay is positive however it is hampered due to technical issues and microtransactions for certain modes.


NHL 22, on the other hand, was received not as well, with an average score of rating of 71 on Metacritic. As noted in our review roundup of NHL 22, most critics praise the sport however they're less impressed with the lack of creativity cheap Madden 22 coins. The change over to the EA Frostbite engine provides NHL 22 an increase in visual quality over previous versions. However, it's not a huge improvement.

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