I actually got my fire cape back today
Posted On 02/08/2022 01:00:09 by weiyismart


These are averages. The most I can get, and I always avoid, is around 60k exp an hour. In other times, I've gotten around 103k exp an hour. Ivies are 75k Exp/hr and 80k is pushing it. 3-4 weeks is a good estimate based on your pace. If you are bored, you can always go back to Stealing Creation for Hatchets which provide double cheap runescape gold experience. Regarding the question of firemaking the amount of burned logs every hour equals 1000. It will therefore require 100 hours or less.


I actually got my fire cape back today and will give you some suggestions. Beginning with equipment and inv 100 diamond (e) bolts for Jad. 1 ranging potion. You can only make 2 doses prior to jad or all four in jad. 10 brews. 15 super restores. 1 Excalibur Enchanted.


Bring 1k broads, you'll only need 500-700. Change the helm from veracs or neitiznot. Legs can be prossy or verac. Boots for either rune or dragon. When it comes to strategy is concerned, capturing the 180's in either the 360's or 45's is the main goal.


Another one is destroying the 90's. 360's and the 45's should always be last. Make sure to get rid of the 22's as soon as possible cause they drain prayer. Hardest waves are 53-60, that's when the trio of 360/180/90 comes out. You must find the 90 and go behind it, take it down, and run around the 360 or either the dragon/italy rock, and then trap the 180 while killing the 360.


Once you've got to jad, brew/sup up to full stats , and also the ranging pot and switch on the range prayer. If he strikes you, your first priority is to know which attack the attacker is preparing for next, and just brew/sup/range prayer switches. When it comes to healers, make sure you're praying eagle eye/steel skin and then either kill them or tank them one at a time. The former is less difficult in terms of time however it could be more risky. Have fun.


For stats I'd suggest 85 Attack and Strength and 80 Defense. You could go with less stats, but it's difficult to make many kills in a trip. It's nice to have Eadgars Ruse completed, just because it's a quicker way to get to GWD. I'd also suggest having the necessary Summoning Level for at the very least a War Tortoise to store items.


I have tried to limit the armor to keep it from being excessively expensive, for instance for example, a Divine Spirit Shield would be the ideal shield but not everybody can afford that. I hope this has helped, if you'd like to cheapest rs gold have an inventory, just contact me. It's generally not too difficult to determine the right answer.


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