The first batch consisting of Bo Knows Legends
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The new Madden 22 Bo Knows Legends cards are part of the promotion that began earlier in the month. It's a Bo Knows promotion honors the Madden nfl 22 coins multi-sports player, Bo Jackson, with the brand new cover that is digital for the game, as well as numerous other contents. It's in Ultimate Team, that's included several upgraded cards to Bo whom, as many gamers are aware, has a deep knowledge of football.


The first batch consisting of Bo Knows Legends players arrived last week. This included Dan Dierdorff, Iverson Walls, Charle Young, and Bruce Smith. They each received an Power Up item, 85 OVR, in addition to 94 OVR cards for the game. The same is expected for two players.


These brand new Legends products are scheduled to be available in Ultimate Team on Monday, on November 29th, as part of the promotion. Other recent promotions set to debut in Madden have included a Thanksgiving-themed promotion , which includes Blitz as well as Team of the Week which is a weekly event.


Monthly Madden 22 Title Update almost here, and Version 2.04 will provide a second round of fixes in the title game. Here's all we know about Madden 22 Title Update 2.04 and when it's set to be released on all platforms.


It's become relatively standard these days for EA to release each month a Madden 22 Title Update that they've kept with at least that rate this year as well. This year's Madden 22: December 22th Title Update now close to being released and we've finally received confirmation of the date it's scheduled to appear on the latest Good Morning Madden.


The announcement was a bit not too detailed, but they did say that in the announcement that the December Title Update will be available on Madden 22 December 2nd, 2021. Although the game isn't out for consoles yet, but basing on previous versions we're predicting Version 2.04 on PS4, Version on Xbox Series X|S, as well as Version 1.010 in the PS5. PS5.


The size of the download remains unidentified, but these frequent first of the month Title Updates may be on the large side which means you'll require ample storage to update. Unfortunately, this is an area where cheap Mut 22 coins we're still awaiting more. However, there are some issues which could be resolved.

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