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In case you weren't aware, "cross-platform" gameplay is when you can play online with other players using different platforms NBA 2K MT. If, for instance, a game features cross-platform, then anyone playing an online game on PlayStation 5 PlayStation 5 would be able to join a session with players playing the same game with an Xbox Series X. Numerous popular and current games like Genshin Impact, Fall Guys and Fortnite have cross-platform support on their servers. Can the same be said with NBA 2K22?


Does "NBA 2K22' support multiplayer that is cross-platform?


Though the franchise has been running since the 1990s and beyond, the gameplay in NBA 2K games has remained generally consistent. It is possible to control a group or a specific player and participate in highly simulated NBA games in order to achieve virtual supremacy. Many games even allow players to serve as an executive manager and manage the whole NBA franchise. NBA 2K22 features more of similar features.


This is also a sign that if certain features were not included in the past and it's highly likely that they won't appear now. Like the games that came before it, NBA 2K22 does not have cross-platform compatibility.


That is, if you want to play with an opponent who has the game installed on their PC then you'll need to play the game on the PC. This is an interesting point to take considering how hard it is to find current-gen consoles now.


Fans also had this question at the time NBA 2K21 was coming out. In 2021 it was revealed that a Reddit thread was opened seeking to know if this game of the time would come with cross-platform compatibility. Many bitter Redditors suggested that the game wouldn't have cross-platform gameplay to encourage the purchase of the game across different platforms.


While it may sound a bit sleazy, the franchise (and later, 2K22) has cross-progression compatibility.


As opposed to cross-platform, the cross-progression lets players transfer their information and progress from one console and then move it to a different Cheap NBA 2K22 MT. This means that you can play a game on one console, and pick up right where you were when you start playing it on another.

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