Previously appeared appearing on Madden cover in previous years
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Another route EA could consider for its cover star is naturally, one the star players on the team that will defend its title this fall Madden 23 Coins. Aaron Donald has somehow never been on the Madden cover before, despite being the very most efficient defensive player in the league for nearly 10 years. Do you think this is the year? Donald has been contemplating retirement in the offseason, meaning the 2023 season may be his last on the field, as well as his first to appear on the Madden cover.


Everyone loves a QB. EA loves them so much that they chose not two quarterbacks on the cover of Madden 23--and they had each already appeared appearing on Madden cover in the past. For Madden 23, should EA would like to highlight the next generation of quarterbacks, like it has done in recent seasons (Brady aside), Burrow is as the right choice as any.


With the next installment currently being developed, we're looking towards the anticipated Madden 23 launch date.


Between the standard launch, EA Play Trial, and Early Access, there won't only be only one Madden 23 release date.


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One of the things that players have been confident about over the past few years is when the latest Madden installment will arrive, and that's not expected to change this year.


With the previous release date in mind we are predicting that the Madden 23 announcement date to be the 19th of August on a Friday, 2023.


While still unconfirmed the information would match perfectly with the window that was used for that Madden Release date on 23nd September.


The exact date has varied certain times over the past few years Cheap Mut 23 Coins The exact date has not been set, however Madden 23 will likely be released just a few weeks before the beginning on the NFL season.

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