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He hesitated not throw out the gem, Cheap Beats By Dre then distracted to take advantage of the Wei MORALS collusion her again attack, sudden, I hear the charm red shadow smiles tenderly soon, not only does not avoid the blade, Tour Beats but the body twist on The Wei MORALS arms Dao, then extremely Resentment said: "Wei son, red shadow is really attracted to you, you heartless people kill people, people do not live, you kill it, you kill it!”
She said, his arms wrapped Wei MORALS Powerbeats waist at the same time looked up, evidently seems to be facing the snake sword to commit suicide, but it is actually sent to Wei MORALS own Flaming Lips. Wei the MORALS Mouthing flashed a touch of Lies, Ibeats rapidly migraine to charm the red shadow of the lips, then with his left hand on her shoulder You, you want to push her from his side.
Who would have thought this captured even slip Beats Headphones to stay the hand, lifted nearly half of his strength? Become a killer since he never killed a woman, this time to face the red shadow as snakes and scorpions are generally difficult to get rid of the Monster Beats By Dr Dre Maserati Studio Headphones Redcharm he can not still under the ruthless hand, but this time he will pay to own an idea of benevolence a heavy price.
Split between, Beats By Dre NHL he felt a chill as hell murderous hit from behind quietly. If the only his alone to fight, he has a the Lichen grasp to escape the fatal blow, but he is now attached to the bone maggots charm red shadow haunt, the flexibility of the body is suddenly playing a significant discount.
Only a brief moment, Qing Xiao cry, Cheap Beats and finally beat stun charm red shadow. He was about to leap into the sky, however murderous past behind Deception Dupo faster. "Rip" gave the Qing Xiang, edged coldness and glory of the sword without a trace of hesitation through the coma charm red shadow of the left shoulder will be lying on the ground, Beats By Dr Dre Maserati Studio Headphones and then "rip" gave the Qing Xiang, inexorably continue to penetrate Wei OK wind back, and finally drilled out from his left chest.

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