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Effort less than Hanta of the Cheap Beats By Dre bow only saddled snake soft sword, the Yemeni fluttering Wei MORALS one next to the ship, however, immediately skip to a dozen man not afraid of death continue to invest in the fight. The gem is seen blinking, Diamond Beats palms sweat, wrist suddenly people twist to live, eat pain turned to look is the look of the beard, looked ferocious Quiz Fang; originally he forced open the rear door came.
Gem side of the struggling side shouted: "Quiz peak a robber, Mixr Beats hurry to let go of this girl, or Wei Big Brother certainly will not forgive you!" Quiz peak like catching chickens, like the gem with both hands tied behind their backs with the introduction of the cabin, Beats Bluetooth then grinning, said: "bandits Girl, Tai Backwater door uncle, right!" Then he shouted towards Wei MORALS: "surnamed Wei If you do not obediently know what to wield, can not blame me girl you’re welcome!”
Gem side to get kicked while he cried: "Wei eldest brother, Cheap Beats you do not control me! He did not dare me how to, you'd better deal with them!" Quiz peak gem step pain in the feet, are not thundered: "Shut up! You take the quasi-I will not kill you, right? That's OK, I have a knife in the draw on your pretty face 78 a cut, I you can not fooling! "And then free hand to work out a dagger from his waist, gem face before the situation shook.
Gem really afraid, Beats By Dre Pro Cheap close your eyes with tearful voice shouted: "the devil! Son of a bitch you a big man bullying a little girl what skill! Just at that moment Wei the MORALS suddenly in the bow to where they stand forth from the crowd, Monster Beats By Dre Studio Pink Limited Edition Headphonesthe people speak, in front of a flower, A closer look, he has jumped on the next to a passenger ship, the hands of the snake sword is across the neck edge of the charm of red shadow.
Wei the MORALS cold, said: "She immediately put, Beats Headphones or blame me for the red shadow of charm you’re welcome!" Quiz peak alarmed, he can not really be on the gem move fooled, because prior Jing Hue Tina has given them to set the charter, must be intact to catch her. In case of a gem by the shock of excessive like on the two girls as lost their lives, and that this time they live Detour layer of skin the Monster Beats Studio Love Logo Limited EditionNow the kinds of charm red shadow in his mind there is a very important position, he can not watch the unparalleled glamorous woman Wei MORALS sword, certain death.

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