Winter Sonata
Posted On 05/18/2013 06:46:48 by hanson

Winter when we buy clothing, pay attention to what? What is the method? Wholesale clothing industry has always been a hot industry,
Many people have seen this opportunity, so the streets can be seen everywhere, large and small clothing stores, and wholesale clothing malls, both men and women for the choice of clothing has its own aesthetic, summer is generally a good choice clothes, but in the cold winter, choose a suitable own clothes a little suck, and who do not want to winter dressed up like a penguin. Wants to find one not only to their own version of the beautiful dress, but does not affect the clothes of their own image, it is necessary to charge a little thought. Heart of beauty in everyone, the election to a bed of roses clothes no personal look forward to but everyone succeed heart wishful clothing, and then we buy clothing, pay attention to what? The past few years more and more clothing personnel,
The quality of the clothing supply is uneven, so be doubly careful at the time of purchase, want to turn off to do more to understand before purchasing, clothing material, style, size, and after-sales service have to understand the clear that if sales did not
A clear understanding, in case buy clothes quality problems to a lot of trouble, there is good or bad for the credibility of the buyers to find out about, but also to shop around, do not blindly buy. In recent years, clothing optional form of diversification, with the development of the network, the shop is gradually rising, so many people love shopping a way of shopping, most of its supply from a number of wholesale clothing website, in order to network the store to get the clothes of good quality point, you have to understand the general clothing site clothing style, price. Here I want to say a website, the clothes of this site has been well received by the majority of customers praise, women's main line. Has a strong marketing team, solid clothing source suppliers and good after-sales team, has a long history of a large number of agents, online shopping is to try to find these sites go shopping, hope you happy shopping.
     Perception Winter clothing , to know winter wear thick clothes to keep warm. Winter clothes than the inevitable and ultimately, a thick down jacket. Pick down jacket is quite tricky. Down jacket fabrics should have anti-velvet, windproof and breathable performance, particularly among the anti-down is crucial. Anti-down performance is good or bad, depending on the density of the yarn fabrics. Feather on the market to take nylon taffeta and TC cloth, generally yarn density 230T, 250T is the best 230T is difficult to ensure fluff nothing more than drill. Identifying fabrics, look its Bohou, generally thin as thin, thick dense; Second hand flapping, hair flying, if any, the density will 230T; once again hold a part of the clothes a little force rub (This, of course, have to seek the consent of the salesman)
Such as small silk velvet drilled density when the 250T; thick nylon fabric with a layer of paint, handle with bright, smooth, uniform for
Good. Down more than filler duck, goose down. Some Down reduce costs, chicken tear velvet or crushed velvet, the so-called chicken tear velvet hair torn off from the feathers to remove hair on the stems, crushed velvet hair sucked Terrier crushed very fine. Differentiate down jacket velvet is indeed difficult, but not without a little pattern, here are a few ways, consumers may wish to give it a try.
     First, the distinction between from Down Bohou on the severity. Two different Bohou the down jacket, looks very thick, Dianzhe is not very heavy. Cashmere rate generally higher quality; the contrary, thin, of which there must be problems. Generally speaking chicken tear velvet and crushed velvet weight is greater than the duck, goose down.
     Second, from the bulkiness distinction. Down on the table, and hand focus extrusion, high-quality cashmere overwhelm thin, let go immediately after restitution, fluffy as ever; poor quality velvet pressure is not very thin, let go after the slow recovery.
     Third, from the hair on the stems of the thickness of the length and the presence of identification. Standard domestic product specifications filler, cashmere rate is 50%, half of which is kind of like a dandelion hall velvet flowers, the other half is a 2-inch-long fine. Filled compound that is allowed within certain limits Mao stalk. However, if no point feeling stalk, it can be concluded that the charge into the chicken torn or crushed velvet. Crushed velvet, such as hand flapping, it may be tilting the dust. Additional charge of crushed velvet clothes washing, may become caked, unlike pure duck, goose down water Liangshai, through whom to blend re-Punta up.
     Winter comes, can spring would not be far away, to pack a good mood and to grow their own appointments.

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