RSS tells you how to select the suitable agate jewelry
Posted On 05/31/2010 09:55:29 by Briace
Agate is formed from mineral deposits and is considered by most to be a precious stone. Agate stone usually occurs in cavities that have formed from volcanoes (especially ancient lavas). Agates are known to have bands that come in many colors and resemble the rings of a tree. Scientists say that agate is created when gas bubbles inside of cooling lava include saline water. These gas bubbles with saline water turn into a gel. Since there is salt in the water, it attacks the surrounding iron in the lava and creates bands. These bands are extremely intricate and beautiful. It is important to choose a beautiful agate for you, so there are six aspects to choose. Content: 1 look fine materials: choose the material of agate products, haven't stars or contact patch, or spread of gas and liquid. Texture is pure, sleek, glittering and translucent is good, if you find flaw, black point, it belongs to defect. 2. Workmanship: agate products processing course can be divided into two kinds: grinder and caver. 3. See polishing: polishing a direct influence on the agate products. 4 look to compose eyelet: agate products (such as necklace, bracelet) whether the eyelet is flat, whether the hole is well-balanced, whether small cracks. Hole wall is clear and transparent, no white mark. 5. See color: even in the unity of the species in the agate, it is different parts of the texture and color. It belongs to monochromatic color, and hopes the tonal grain tasteful. 6. See harmonic: purchase agate ornaments, you should try to wear it, look at its size, firmness and length. If it has decorations, you should see whether it is firmed and unified. For more gemstone information welcome to visit . is engaged in discount jewelry, handmade jewelry, discount fashion jewelry, wholesale jewelry, fashion jewelry, handcrafted Jewelry, wholesale fashion jewelry, Jewelry Wholesale, wholesale handmade jewelry, wholesale pearl jewelry, wholesale gemstone jewelry, wholesale crystal jewelry, wholesale turquoise jewelry, wholesale coral jewelry, wholesale shell jewelry and so on.

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