to choose the type of hair you want
Posted On 07/15/2019 07:47:41 by belala2

Whether you want to leave some volume in your hair or wait for an extension that doesn't fit your square. If you recommend a professional new hairstyle, the smartest of you can try a new hairstyle at home, especially since there are extension packs on the market now.

What kind of expansion?
First, you have to choose the type of hair you want: synthetic extensions that are very close to real hair, especially for highquality hair models or braided fabrics like Brazil, where natural extensions are more expensive, but necessarily bluff. Choose a color similar to your natural hair color to make the extension fully blend.

Before placement, wash your full lace wigs uk hair with a washable shampoo, dry it, grind it carefully and wash it. Brush extensions, too. Surround the mirror to make your work easier. Divide the hair into several parts according to the result you want.

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From: Chupachups
01/11/2021 12:18:30

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