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Compostable food container help your business in variety ways
Posted On 12/30/2022 07:59:59


Sustainability is a hot topic in the restaurant industry,compostable bowls wholesale which is increasingly aware of how modern trends are shaping the future of the food service industry. Obviously, eco-friendly practices -- such as using compostable food container -- is good for the environment, but did you know there are many ways these eco-friendly food containers can help your business? pizza box wholesale suppliers Either way, one thing is for sure, companies will need to pay more attention to their green initiatives in the future.
Customers pay more attention to ecologically conscious companies
Consumers are becoming more aware of environmental issues, and many of them are more willing to support businesses that implement green practices, even if it means they have to pay a little more for what they want.personalized ice cream cups Pleasing your customers is our purpose, so you don't want to turn them away by using disposable plastic containers and cutlery to deliver food. This is especially true when there are practical and affordable eco-friendly options, such as brown paper takeout boxes and bagasse cutlery. As the world continues to move toward more environmentally friendly business practices, moving to these sustainable solutions may help you keep your customers happy.
Restaurant waste has always been a problem
Unfortunately, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, many restaurants and food delivery services have increased their use of single-use plastics to help keep customers safe.biodegradable coffee cups wholesale However, this has hindered what little progress has been made to encourage more sustainable alternatives. According to WWF, rapid consumption behaviour is leading to improper disposal of plastic waste as facilities try to keep up. eco friendly paper cups wholesale They estimate that a third of plastic waste ends up in land or water pollution as a result. We can only imagine how the pandemic is affecting these numbers, and food delivery services are becoming more and more popular. Replacing single-use plastic items with compostable and biodegradable alternatives can help reverse the effects of plastic pollution.printed paper cups wholesale Compostable takeaway boxes and cutlery are an excellent alternative to single-use plastic containers without dramatically increasing your profits or compromising your customers' safety.

While you may not have been happy with the sustainable choices of the past, there are plenty of reliable alternatives to plastic disposables.5oz ice cream cups You can find biodegradable or compostable options made from renewable sources, including corn starch, sugar cane and other bioplastics. Be sure to consider your options when replacing single-use plastic with a more sustainable solution -- compostable food slice boxes wholesale If you've realized it's time to start getting serious about sustainability, Then Hyde has all your food packaging needs covered. Browse our website now for lots of affordable compostable food containers and leave a comment.

Have a great disposable spoon at the lowest cost
Posted On 12/30/2022 07:41:02
Many businesses are turning to single-use products like spoons, forks, bowls, plates, glasses, etc. biodegradable ice cream cups because of the current pandemic situation and things like that leading everyone to live a healthy life, however, all food businesses are doing Some things serve their food. This is true because when we use different things than consumables to provide food, there are a lot of microbiological and comparative medical problems.
We have a wide variety of disposable spoons that you can use for all kinds of parties, business, occasions, food stores, supplies, and more. Heat-resistant cutlery made of polypropylene or eco-friendly plastic and different products such as forks, spoons, knives, triangular cake servers, etc.disposable tea cups with handles Our eco-friendly cutlery set is ideal for concession stands, cafes or lounges.4oz ice cream cups with lids You can contact us to buy tableware online. Products are best for cafes, restaurants and homes, parties, events, celebrations and more. We have many types of scoops such as sundae scoops, pp scoops, ice cream scoops, heart scoops and more.paper tea cups with handles At the same time, you can get a wide variety of spoons depending on your needs.
Features of Disposable Spoons and Forks
Items accessed in multiple shades:Since these items are accessible in a variety of shades, paper bread bags wholesale you can use anything at your discretion depending on your business needs.paper tea cups Unique size and attractive appearance: With its extraordinary looks and different sizes, it's the perfect choice in your spending plan, it's as proficient as it is luxurious, and every kid loves it in their treats and parties. Versatile and Variety:Depending on your business and the model of your item, we have a wide variety of spoons, just pick it out with a color and you'll have your items delivered to your door.ripple wall paper cups Eco-friendly and lightweight:These items are lightweight and eco-friendly, and the skilled and easy-to-use components of these items are up to the best decision of each individual.

How we can compliment your occasion or event with a delicious assortment of food and the highest quality spoons.paper snow cone cups So that's what we are all about with our quality disposable products called disposable spoons, if you are looking for the same, please feel free to contact us.

The meaning of customized paper cup for enterprises
Posted On 12/01/2022 08:37:27

First of all, paper cup customization is a kind of demand, which can become the power of advertising.pappbecher hersteller With this publicity mode, customers in demand will inadvertently find you and increase the popularity of the enterprise. Increase publicity channels for enterprises. When we are thirsty, a cup of water became the way we quench thirst, when we reached the place where I don't often appear, when we are thirsty, does not have its own cups, disposable paper cup at this time you can to assist our thirst, it is such a demand,grosshandel strohhalme paper cups become one of the hottest prospects in the industry products, especially the propaganda way.

Benefits of custom paper cups
1, with the strength of the brand. Paper cup every industry needs to quench thirst, contribute to the industry's publicity model, become a lot of enterprise brand publicity, at the same time, the purpose of brand marketing is easier to close to the critical point of publicity.
2. Quench thirst. When people are thirsty, paper cups have become the necessities for us to alleviate thirst, and they are also the cups we use to receivecustomers.bagasse schüssel Moreover, they are the propaganda points that enterprises see when they customize and promote the purpose of enterprises.
3, marketing reference point. The paper cup will exist as a marketing reference point after it is formed, and the three-dimensional sense of advertising of a marketing will be presented. Therefore, such a marketing method is the propaganda power seen by enterprises, einweg kaffeetassen mit griff and it is the particularity of marketing of the whole enterprise to achieve the marketing power of brand publicity.
4, the purpose of enterprise customization. personalisierte pizzakartons The reason why enterprises customize paper cups is mainly to promote the brand, do not need to spend too much money, can do a perfect marketing plan, the existence of paper cups is the marketing point that enterprises see, is the integration of the purpose and benchmark point that enterprises see, become an indispensable way of publicity. All in all, it is very necessary to customize an enterprise exclusive paper cup.

Hyde Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise engaged in customized disposable paper products and biodegradable products production and sales integration.papiertüten großhändler The company has advanced paper cup production line, skilled technical workers and efficient mechanized assembly line. The company also provides professional custom design services of disposable paper cups, and designs products with professional technology to satisfy customers.

Disposable advertising paper cup for your business
Posted On 12/01/2022 08:34:37
Advertising cup refers to the design of the advertising LOGO or text on the cup, sent to your customers, members,frozen yogurt becher friends, so as to reach the spread, promotion and other functions of the product, but also effectively promote the product, give customers the first choice of gifts, improve the visibility of the company. The trend of advertising cups
Advertising is a process of promoting commodity information through various media.china einweg-lunchbox To introduce the information of goods or services to the consumer public to attract attention, induce and stimulate the desire to buy. The direct purpose of advertising is to sell goods to the public, and the form of advertising is a controllable form of publicity.
1. Good advertising environment. Paper cups are now widely used in catering, tourism, leisure and other service industries, and have been completely dissolved in People's Daily life. With the improvement of the quality of life, the consumption of paper cups has been increasing year by year from organizations at all levels to households.papier strohhalme großhandel The paper cup as advertising carrier of almost zero distance visual distance, will leave a deep impression on people.
2. Low advertising interference. Because the limited size of paper cup determines that its advertising is different from traditional advertising media and can be free from the interference of many other advertisements. Like elevator building advertising, the audience will actively accept the advertising message when using the media product.strohhalme großhändler In addition, the paper cup advertising form is novel, personalized design, especially with visual impact, so that the audience to accept the advertising information more concentrated.
3. Large coverage.pappbecher großhandel With a perfect distribution network, direct delivery of large hotels, Chinese and Western restaurants, high-end foot bath leisure clubs, beauty salon and other catering entertainment service enterprises, the real estate sales department, car 4S shops, etc. And into the major commercial supermarkets for sales, directly facing the broad consumer groups, for customers and products publicity and corporate image publicity to provide a guarantee.

Hyde Environmental Protection is a professional supplier of customized and disposable paper cups.bagasse schale The company has advanced paper cup production line, skilled technical workers and efficient mechanized assembly line. We also provide professional custom design services of disposable paper cups, and design products with professional technology to satisfy customers. If you need custom advertising cups, welcome to contact us at any time.

What do you know about cardboard pizza boxes
Posted On 11/08/2022 02:43:48


The most common packaging material for pizza boxes is cardboard pizza boxes.snow cone cups bulk And different materials of pizza boxes to consumers feel is not the same, a unique design, safe materials pizza packaging box can better reflect the grade of pizza,biodegradable cups wholesale but also let our pizza products in the takeaway market to show excellent quality.
In today's catering industry competition, the competition of store food is far more than the food itself so simple, food packaging design is equally important, and to attract potential customer groups, food packaging design will become more and more important.french fries paper cup Of course, while we pay attention to the beauty of product design, we also have to put the safety of food packaging in a decisive position, especially those directly in contact with food packaging materials.popcorn paper cups Now let's get some information about the packaging material.
Raw wood pulp is used as raw material
Food safety is particularly important when food packaging paper is in direct contact with food.french fries cups Food packaging paper completely using native wood pulp does not have the risk of contamination, safe contact with food, will not transfer harmful ingredients to food. 4oz ice cream cups And the original wood pulp fiber toughness, high density, good strength, processing performance is also better, in the process of processing production without adding special ingredients to improve the appearance of the paper, color, performance, etc..double walled paper cups Not only improve the efficiency of the use of resources, but also good touch, natural color (uniform color, no mildew, no black spots, etc.), good printing effect, no odor.snow cone cups wholesale

The most common packaging material for pizza boxes is cardboard.plastic tea cups wholesale And different materials of pizza boxes to consumers feel is not the same, a unique design, safe materials pizza packaging box can better reflect the grade of pizza, but also let our pizza products in the take-out market to show excellent quality. It's important to choose the perfect pizza box to complement the sublime pizza. ice cream paper cups wholesale The perfect pizza box not only has a novel and unique design, the choice of packaging materials should also be safe and environmentally friendly, in line with food hygiene and safety standards.disposable food trays with compartments So it's important to choose a food-grade pizza box made from pure wood pulp.double wall cups wholesale Even though its packaging cost is higher than ordinary packaging paper, for the sake of environmental health, food safety and long-term development of the enterprise, we should also choose high-quality cardboard pizza box. Hyde provides professional and comprehensive paper packaging solutions, welcome to consult.

Tips to buy disposable paper bowls  
Posted On 11/08/2022 02:37:20


Nowadays, there are all kinds of disposable paper bowls in various colors, and some people are likely to take one at will and leave.disposable cup with handle In fact, it is better to be careful when buying disposable paper bowls, not all disposable papers.disposable tea cups wholesale The bowl is all harmless.
First, we must look at the materials of the disposable paper bowl.paper tea cup with handle Check whether the quality of the disposable paper bowl is meticulous, whether the thickness of each area is symmetrical, and at the same time, 20 inch pizza box whether the materials are the same, the connection is smooth, and there is no other dirt or residue in the middle.
In the case of purchasing disposable paper bowls, you must smell it. Only the disposable paper bowls are odorless.popcorn cup manufacturers You can take out a box of disposable paper bowls, tear off a little bit, put your nose together, and smell it.custom snow cone cups Not good disposable paper bowls will have a strong and strong smell, which is uncomfortable.paper cup fan design When purchasing a disposable paper bowl, you must also pinch it to see if the disposable paper bowl is firm and malleable, whether the strength malleable.wholesale tea cups manufacturers If it is fake, it will generally be It is very loose, this type generally does not need to be purchased.4. In the case of purchasing disposable paper bowls, you can distinguish the quality of disposable paper bowls by looking at the logo of the disposable bowl,french fry bags wholesale the specific location of the manufacturer, and whether it has passed.

relevant verifications, and you can see the disposable paper under the light cream cups with lids wholesale Whether there are uneven dust particles in the bowl, you don't need to buy it if there are any. The color must also be paid attention to. There are many colors of paper bowls. When choosing a disposable paper bowl without color, some additives will be added to the colored disposable paper bowl, which is not safe enough for application. ice cream cup wholesale In fact, the color of the membrane paper bowl is very good.popcorn disposable cups A good disposable paper bowl will feel smooth and clean to the touch and has a certain compressive strength. It is not easy to be loose, and it is very convenient in application.

Guide to find eco-friendly food packing
Posted On 09/19/2022 07:33:23
Packaging is an important aspect of any business, especially food, as it is perishable.3oz ice cream cups If you have attractive packaging to represent the quality of your product, as well as durable packaging that can keep your food safe during delivery, it must, of course, fit into your budget. In addition, more and more people are getting into eco-friendly living. Moving to green products will improve your ability to reach these customers in the marketplace. Packaging also showcase your brand. Branding is a huge part of any marketing strategy designed to drive sales.wholesale sugarcane tray The packaging you choose can make or break your business, and ensure its success. Here is a simple guide to eco-friendly food packaging using Hyde products.
Made from sustainable materials
What material your food packaging is made of is the first thing to consider. Your food packaging should be made from sustainable materials such as sugar cane, palm, bamboo and other renewable woods in order to be classified as a green product.salad paper box They should be manufactured under a C02 neutral process to reduce the carbon footprint of their manufacturing process, and Hyde's products meet this requirement.
Economical and versatile
You can choose a multi-purpose food container or package for your take-out and delivery menus.pla straws wholesale For example, your restaurant serves soup, pasta, salad and rice bowl meals. You can use a round cane bowl as a dine-in tray for all these dishes. If customers choose to take their leftovers with them, you can simply put the lid on and they're good to go. Your staff won't need to wash more plates, and you won't need to use another clean takeout box, which saves you even more money.single wall coffee cup supplier If you buy items in bulk,3oz ice cream cups with lid Hyde is the best choice for you.
If you are interested in our compostable tableware, please contact us for more information.Hyde Group was set up in 2011 and located in HeFei City, AnHui Province ,China.wholesale pla straws We professionally supply disposable Paper Packing products & Biodegradable Tableware such as Paper Cup, Soup Cup,printed double wall coffee cups Food Box, Pizza Box, Paper Bag, Knife, Fork, Spoon, Plate, Bowl, Tray, Straw, Coffee Stick, etc. Up to now , our products have been exported to over 150 countries such as America, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Russia, Switzerland, Peru, Chile, Mexico, Australia, Japan, Thailand, Philippines, Israel, UAE, Lebanon, Senegal, etc.3oz ice cream cups with lids Our products already obtained some international certificates such as CE, FCS, SGS, FDA, ,LFGB, SABER, DIN, etc.“Eco-Friendly & Health” was our principle and “Customized Production & Prompt Delivery” was our advantage.personalised pizza boxes Looking forward to building in one long-term & win-win business relationship with those friends from around the world.

Importance of food safe paper
Posted On 09/19/2022 07:32:13
Whether you're buying bacon cheese at the commissary,kraft paper soup cup cup for hot soup take-out sandwiches for lunch, or sharing food at a cafe, food-safe papers are a surefire way to serve your customers food. Convenient, hygienic and stylish,printed compostable cups we've summarized the top three reasons to order food-safe papers for your restaurant or cafe.
With so many people discovering new cafes in "fast scrolling" environments like social media, you may be wondering: How does your cafe stand out from the rest of the crowd amidst the enticing dishes on social media? Wrapping up a sandwich to take away, or adding a piece of food-safe paper with your logo underneath, is a way to associate your food with your store without having to click to see where it came from, instantly associating your dish with your cafe.paper snow cone cups In addition to their shareability on social media, these food safety notes facilitate the placement of your dishes. Not to mention, the cleanup afterwards is much easier.
Imagine that you just ordered a pizza from your favorite pizza place. While the cheese and sauce on the pizza is a great treat, did you know that if the box gets stained with grease, the entire box may not be recycled? By adding a food safe paper underneath the pizza, you increase the chances of it being recycled properly when it's done.12oz paper coffee cups Together we can save the box!
If you're a restaurant or cafe, you're probably familiar with lunchtime peaks.wholesale sugarcane tray If you're handing out sandwiches of relatively the same size, cut food-safe paper can benefit your team members by allowing them to reach for a pre-cut piece of paper that you know fits the sandwich and can quickly move on to the next customer. It's also easier to store than the extra packaging you instead need (such as plastic containers), and easier than having to assemble coordinated tops and bottoms.3oz ice cream cups with lids These are also made of stronger materials for eventual shipping. When it comes to food-safe paper, choose the smallest paper for your needs, as the price per square inch will be lower.

double paper coffee cups wholesale Whether you're using them for customers dining in your café or those on the go, food safe paper is a key component to packing orders for your business.6.5oz paper cup If you need disposable food containers, don't hesitate to contact Hyde today, we offer high quality disposable food containers including biodegradable ones.

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