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What gear are you discussing? Rune 2h? I'm adamant.
Posted On: 10/30/2021 00:12:42

The main reason that I'd come back is because I'm a member with the username "Scaper "... Also because I'm sure to get bored really soon and RS gold I'd give the game a go just to meet all of you lovelies again. So, now what? Training melee on f2p How do I play it? I hear the deadly red spiders are great? I'd train... for defense. Perhaps attack. I'm not interested in strengthening until I'm p2p with an unpredictable maul.

What gear are you discussing? Rune 2h? I'm adamant. I'm assuming that I do possess 42 defense. True I'm not sure of my stats very well. Are ranges a viable way to train defense or is it ineffective? Could someone explain precisely how the EoC functions? Can "afk" as well as "minimum attention training" still be feasible (although it is not particularly effective, I'm certain), or do I have to utilize abilities to fight? Wow, I feel like an inexperienced novice.

All "special attacks", which caused many items to were destroyed, are gone. Dclaws, for example, went from 13m up to 500k. All weapons now have tiered stats. Eg; Now rune long has the same stats as a rune sword. Only dif is the atk (slash/stab) style. 2handed weps are 150 percent better than 1h. 1handed weps come with the "offhand" version that allows you to "dual-wield" 2 weps simultaneously. Dual weilding, also known as p2p, is only available with F2P.

Armour is tied and all armour of lvl50 come with the same stats. Armour includes classes, such as Mage, melee, range. Tier50 armor; batwing, rune blue Dhide, and batwing. All have the identical stats. There is only one difference between the classes. Thus, a man who ranges an elf running has the same DPS of a meleeing mage. There were a lot of items that were changed or nerfed. Deadly red spiders produced over 200k xp/h for P2P at 90+cmb statistics.

It's now nerfed. It's not just about doing the same thing over and over until you're dead. You need to be skilled in precision, timing, planning, memory, strategy, and the ability to react. A man in bronze who has a keen sense of timing and accuracy could outmatch a man who isn't sure of the right thing to do.. All armour gives a bonus HP.

I joined today for the first time in nearly three years and it's been amazing how much the game has evolved. I mean, I quit in 08/09, and I moved onto CSS. However, I cannot think about this game without thinking about all the cheap OSRS gold good moments I had playing with my friends Some of them are still here (tabt and takers, imsleepys, tabt goggie, tabt, etc.). It's amazing to observe the changes in players and in the game over the years. .

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